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PTS Alum Association Executive Council
AAEC Regional Representative Position Description
Map of AAEC Regions and Representatives
Region 1: Scott Herr
Region 2: Michael Lindvall
Region 3: Open
Region 4: Donna Marsh
Region 5: Peter Henry
Region 6: Margaret Grun Kibben
Region 7: Mark DeVries
Region 8: Open
Region 9: Sarah Sarchet Butter
Region 10: Larry Coulter
Region 11: Chris Lenocker
Region 12: Adam Neder
At-Large: Chip Hardwick
At-Large: Anna Whitehead Kent

Region 11

Arizona, Southern California, and Hawaii

Chris Lenocker (’78) has served the church since 1978 throughout congregations in California—San Juan Capistrano, Fox Chapel, Long Beach, and now San Diego. Most of his ministry has taken place in merged churches in Long Beach (1987) and San Diego (1995 to present). He has had the privilege of serving on the Presbyteries Cooperative Committee on Examinations for Candidates (PCCEC) as chair of the Biblical Exegesis Task Group and chair of the committee for two years. He has been involved at the presbytery level with students preparing for ministry, on CPM, and preparing students for exams and proctoring exams. His heart was changed by a sabbatical in Kenya where he was able to work with a local pastor in the Jubé parish near the Rift Valley. He returned two years later with some people from his church to build a sanctuary in partnership with the Out Reach Foundation.

“My Princeton Seminary experience has always been foundational to my growth in every ministry encounter. I have returned to PTS almost annually for study and inspiration. I continue to give annually and attend reunions when time permits. The gathering of alumni/ae to share wisdom, experience, and encouragement has been helpful to my ministry and I look forward to joining others in being a catalyst for those experiences.”

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