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Convenant Group spiritual guidance at Princeton is a way to honor the call to a deeper relationship with God within a small prayerful community.  Assisted by a trained Spiritual Director, participants focus on artiuclating God's presence in the whole of life through prayerful listening and responding to each other.

The groups normally meet on campus every other week throughout a semester for an hour and a half.  There are 5 individuals or 3 couples in each group.

Participants must be willing to:

            * (1) attend meetings;
            * (2) arrive on time;
            * (3) commit to some ongoing way of honoring their relationship with God;
            * (4) open their spiritual journeys to others and respect and value the uniqueness of another's journel;
            * (5) hold all sharing within their group as sacred and confidential.

There is a minimal co-pay for students and spouses in these groups.  Participants enrolled in the Student Health Plan Benefit Play pay $30 per six-session semester; those not in the plan pay $42.  There are two ways to participate: join one of the existing groups, or form your own group of five people and a director will be assigned.

For more information, to join a group, or to arrange to have a director assigned to your group of five, contact Teresa Heyer in the Chapel Office.

Spiritual direction helps me look at my own experience in a contemplative way.  I'm paying more attention to the real holiness in everyday. -Gary Becker, Santa Barbara, CA

You belong to God, and it is as a child of God that you are sent into the world.  You need spiritual guidance; you need people who can keep you anchored in your true identity.  The temptation to disconnect from that deep place in you where God dwells and to let yourself be drowned in the praise or blame of the world always remains. . .The more you come to know yourself-spirit, mind, and body-as truly loved, the freer you will be to proclaim the good news.  That is the freedom of the children of God.

    -Henri Nouwen
    The Inner Voice of Love