Formation Opportunities

Psychological Formation
Well Lunch Series
Stress Management Series
Beyond Positive Thinking
Foundations Workshop

- Getting Ahead of Procrastination
- Eating Disorder Support Group
- Enrichment Group for Couples
- Mindful Eating
- Sexual Compulsivity Psycho-education Group
- Informal Support Group for Sexual Compulsivity
- ABCs of ADD Psycho educational Support Group
- Confidentiality Group on Sexual Orientation
Family of Origin
Vein of Gold Seminar on Creativity
Tools for Life Seminar
Twelve-step Groups

Relational Formation
- Relational Formation For Couples
- Enrichment Group For Couples

Spiritual Formation
- Soul Food Lunches
- Labyrinth Walk
Afternoon Retreat Program
Covenant Groups for Faith Formation
Counseling Home

Frequently Asked Questions

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