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Students and spouses who have pursued individual spiritual direction during their time at Princeton Seminary routinely report that it has been an invaluable component of their faith formation.  Many love having an opportunity to simply focus on where they are in their faith journey with a caring, trained "companion" who can help them hear the meaning in what they are saying and mine what they are experiencing.

    Most people meet with a spiritual director on a monthly basis for an hour.  Some directors will meet with students in the Spiritual Direction/Counseling Room of Miller Chapel.  Others prefer to meet with students in their own offices off campus.  The 14 directors on the general referral list are not employed by the seminary and students are responsible to contact the director to set up sessions and discuss location and fees.   In their own practices directors may charge a fee of $50.  Many will reduce the fee to about $25 for students and spouses at PTS who are not enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan.  If you wish to pursue direction and this fee is beyond your means, please see the Director of Student Counseling, Nancy Schongalla-Bowman.

    This year, the Student Health Benefits Plan has included a benefit to make individual (and group) spiritual direction even more affordable for students and spouses who are enrolled in this plan.  It is probably the only health insurance plan in the world which includes spiritual direction a covered benefit and there is no deductible for this benefit.  There are 7 male and female spiritual direction providers, some ordained and some not, included on the in-network list.    Students and spouses enrolled in the SHBP will pay a per visit copay of $10 to the provider for services at the provider's office.  The copay is $15 per visit if the provider arranges to provide services to the student on campus.  The benefit covers up to 12 sessions per year.  THE SHBP provides 100 percent coverage following the applicable copayments.  The director sends an invoice to  Klais Insurance Inc., so the student's responsibility is simply the copay to the director at the time of their meeting.  Sessions provided under this individual benefit will not reduce the 24 session plan year limit for outpatient mental health and alcohol/substance abuse care.  The student or spouse is required to obtain a referral from the Office of Student Relations, the Office of Student Counseling, or the Minister of the Chapel.  No benefits are payable under the Spiritual Direction Benefit without a referral.