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Spring Semester Psychotherapy Groups

Dr. Brian McDonald will facilitate a psychotherapy group for men only, as well as a group for men and women.  Dr. McDonald is a seasoned psychologist and group facilitator.  Group psychotherapy provides a supportive, confidential setting in which to address issues such as relationships, depression, stress and anxiety, vocation, self-care, and hard-habits-to-break.  The group experience will include discussion, therapy, education, and connection and feedback from others.  The group will meet for 8 sessions of 75 minutes each on campus beginning in late February, at a time convenient to those who express interest.

Groups are extremely cost-effective as well as therapeutically effective.  The fee for the entire series is $40 for those enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan and $56 for those who are not.  Interested students should contact Dr. McDonald directly to set up an assessment session to get know him a bit, to learn more about psychotherapy groups, and to decide if group participation is appropriate at this time.  There is no cost to the student for the assessment interview.  Pleased call Dr. McDonald at 609.497.6440 ext. 2 or email him at