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Wholistic Health Initiative

Wholistic Health Initiative

The Wholistic Health Initiative involves doing our part in ministry to make God’s gift of “abundant life” real in the various overlapping dimensions of our lives: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.

Wholistic Health Initiative (purposefully spelled with a W to emphasize the “whole” person) is an outgrowth of the Festival for Fitness week begun in 1998. Rather than focusing on a single week of events highlighting health, the intention of the initiative is to sponsor and support events centering on wholeness throughout the year. The Wholistic Health Fair is the initial event in a yearlong series.

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The Mission

  1. Facilitate the awareness of wholistic health as an integrated and interdependent balance of physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual well being;
  2. Encourage and empower students, faculty and staff to develop values, habits, and a lifestyle which support health in all its dimensions;
  3. Provide educational resources and experiential opportunities to advance wholistic health and balance as a lifelong orientation involving self-awareness, responsibility, educated choice, and proactive behavior.


The Rationale:

Ministers of the gospel are often agents in promoting the health and well being of others, but are not always appropriately attentive to their own wholistic needs.  God’s interest for us is that we have a life that “abounds” (II Corinthians 9:8; John 10:10).   In ministry, as in parenting, we teach by example; we can facilitate the wholeness of others most effectively when we take responsibility for the various dimensions of what health and abundant life mean for us personally.
Perfection is not the goal of wholistic health, but rather healing of what can be healed, prevention of what can be prevented, and joy found in the fullness of life (III John 1:2; Jeremiah 30:17).


The Wholistic Health Fair

To support the goals of the Wholistic Health Initiative, the PTS community welcomes representatives of various wholistic health practices from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to participate in the annual Wholistic Health Fair each fall.  The fair provides PTS community members with an opportunity to learn about and sample local services and resources.  Past fairs have included free massages, chiropractic consultations, various health screenings, reiki, chi gong and acupuncture demonstrations, free “mocktails”, the labyrinth prayer walk, and information about counseling opportunities, eye health, fitness and yoga centers, nutrition, alcohol, and much more.  Members of the campus community are encouraged to get involved with the fair by volunteering to help at the fair and by attending the fair.

To Help with the Wholistic Health Initiative
We invite you to submit an article, reflection, health tips, photo, or information on wholistic events for the PTS Student Health 101 online wellness magazine and to help with organizing the 2011-2012 Health Fair.
Please email or for more information.

Nancy Schongalla-Bowman, Director of Student Counseling and WHIStaff Advisor
Anjeanette Allen, WHI Student Coordinator

*The spelling of “holistic” with a “w” is to reinforce the idea of “wholeness”.