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New Testament

Orientation to New Testament Studies
MoWeFr 10:40
Required of M.Div. candidates during the first year of study. Not open to Th.M or Ph.D. students. 3 credits.
Mr. Parsenios and Mr. Wagner
Precepts: A. Th 10:40am; B. Th 10:40am C. Th 11:40am D. Th 11:40am E. Th 1:30am F. Fr 9:00am;
G. Fr 10:40am; H..Fr 10:40am; I. Fr 10:40am; J. Fr 10:40am; K. Fr 1:30pm; L. Fr 1:30pm.


Introduction to New Testament Greek
MoTuThFr 9:00-9:50am
This course does not fulfill Biblical Department distribution requirements. 3 credits.
Mr. Berg


Greek Translation Section A
Tu 8:00-8:50am Section B. Tu 10:40-11:30am
(Two sections of same course, only register for one.)
Prerequisite: course NT152 or NT4S or permission of the instructor. Pass/Fail. 1 credit.
Mr. Troy Troftgruben, under the supervision of Mr. Berg


The Biblical Canon: Origins, Formation and Implications
Mo 1:30-3:20pm
A study of the origins and growth of the biblical literature as a canon of Scripture, including its final formation and authority in the early church (both Old and New Testaments). The social and religious contexts of early Judaism, the Greco-Roman world and early Christianity will be considered as well as implications for contemporary communities of faith. Prerequisites: course NT101 and OT101.
3 credits.
Mr. McDonald


Exegesis of 1 Corinthians (English Text)
MoWeFr 11:40am-12:30pm
Prerequisite: course NT101.
3 credits.
Ms. Works


Exegesis of Romans
MoWeFr 10:40-11:30am
Prerequisites: Courses NT101, NT152 or NT4S.
3 credits.
Ms. Gaventa


Missional Hermeneutics and the Formation of the Church: 1 Peter as a Test Case
Tu Th 11:40-12:55pm
Counts as a third theology course in the MDiv curriculum.  Prerequisites: courses NT101, NT152 or NT4S and TH221.
3 credits
Mr. Wagner and Mr. Guder


Ph.D. Seminars
M.Div and Th.M. (and all non-Ph.D.) students must receive instructor approval to enroll and complete enrollment form, available in the Registrar's office and on the Registrar's website.


Biblical Theology II
Mo 2:30-5:20pm
3 credits.


Earliest Christianity in its Greco-Roman Setting
Th 2:30-5:20pm
3 credits.
Mr. Berg