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For further information, please contact the Field Education Office 609-497-7970.

Field Education Programs

International Field Education:

The purpose of the international field education program is to provide opportunities for students to develop global awareness in order to empower them to minister in a multicultural world at home or abroad. Concepts such as ethnocentrism, mission, and globalization are examined in cross-cultural contexts through partnerships with churches and specialized ministries throughout the world. Previous cross-cultural experience, not necessarily international, is preferred. Only students who have applied for and been accepted into the international program are eligible for international placements. For more information on the program, click here.

Teaching Ministry:

Sites are accepted into this program by Rev. Lori Neff. The purpose of the teaching ministry placement is to help students learn to apply their theological knowledge in the adult education program of a selected local church. While participating in the general life of the congregation, the student will work interactively and cooperatively with lay people in developing an interactive adult education program. Students selected for these placements will work with a PTS faculty mentor. Students must apply for and be accepted into the teaching ministry program.For more information on the program, click here.

Placement Periods

Academic Year:

Part-time ministry (10-12 hours per week minimum) in a church or focused ministry placement done during the fall long term through the conclu­sion of the spring long term under the direction of an approved supervisor.  Minimum 300 hours done during the 30 week academic year. When preparation is added, the maximum commitment is 15 hours per week. Please note the recommended stipend amounts for an Academic Year is $2,700.


Full-time ministry (35 hours per week minimum) in a church or focused ministry placement done during the summer under the direction of an approved supervisor.  Minimum 350 hour done within a 10-12 week period. Please note the recommended stipend amounts for a Summer is $3,150.

Year Long Intensive:

Full-time ministry (35 hours per week minimum) in a church or focused ministry placement done for a period of nine-to­-twelve months under the direction of an approved supervisor. Please note the recommended stipend amounts for a Year Long Intensive is $1200 per month.

Other Financial Considerations for YLI:

Reimbursement to the student for mileage for private vehicle use while on official business amounts to 50.5cents/mile, or whatever the current IRS rate is. Any reimbursement to the student for expenses commuting to and from the site is considered earned income and is therefore taxable.

Reimbursement to the student for pre-approved, out-of-pocket expenses like supplies, trips, meals, or overnight lodging necessitated by the field education work.

Medical Insurance presently costs $900 per year for the student policy through the Seminary.

Domestic placements pay round trip air fare or mileage costs to Princeton plus expenses en route for the annual intern conference, and allow for the time.  Some give the student the weekend off as well.

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