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Application Process (International)

1. Obtain the International Field Education program description and list of placements. See the policy statement for student initiated placements and internships.
2. Consult with your Field Education advisor to discuss how an international placement or internship might fit in with your vocational goals.
3. Attend the International Field Education Information Session in the fall and obtain PCUSA information by visiting their website at
4. Fill out the International Field Education Program application in its entirety; it must be typed.
Applications will not be accepted after November 26. Only completed applications will be read so apply early!
5. Selection for international field education is based on applications and interviews. The selection for international field education will be made by December 5. If you are not selected, discuss with your field education advisor the advisability of postponing and reapplying the following year.
6. Successful candidates must interview with site supervisors (by phone from the Office of Field Education) beginning in January, unless otherwise instructed. Site supervisors make the final decision as to whom they will accept. Naturally, you are free to decline any offer.
7. By February 15, international summer field education placements will be finalized. The selection date for yearlong internships varies, but placements will be finalized by April 1.
8. Keep your field education advisor informed of your intentions throughout the process.
9. Arrange your schedule to attend the mandatory international orientations---no exceptions!