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The field education program provides students with opportunities to serve the church of Jesus Christ and the world. The program depends on partner churches and agencies that are willing to offer themselves as laboratories where the art of ministry is considered and practiced. A set of unique partnerships develop between the student, the Seminary, the supervisor, and those at the ministry site. Partnership implies a relationship based on mutual trust fostered through two-way communication and tangible support. Partnership produces the best sites and supervision.

As a field education supervisor, you must be prepared to invest considerable time and interest in working with the student, and be willing to join peers in supervision training. The program requires the supervisor to invest at least one hour per week of dedicated and uninterrupted time to supervise the student for the length of time the student serves in the placement. Field education is an addition to the church’s mission program, not a means of acquiring additional personnel. While benefits to the church’s program may be secondary, you will find that field education enhances the church’s mission and enriches the supervisor’s ministry.

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