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CPE Application Process

    The process of applying to CPE programs requires thought and intentionality on the part of the student. The following steps can serve as a guide:
1.    Identify potential CPE sites. Detailed information concerning CPE policy, sites, benefits, etc. can be found at the ACPE website at or the CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy) website at ACPE and CPSP are organizations that provide oversight for CPE programs. Another valuable means of identifying sites is attending the CPE Information Night held at PTS.
2.    Obtain an application from the Office of Field Education or download from the websites: or Most people use five to six double spaced pages to complete the application.
3.    Set up an admission interview with a CPE supervisor who may or may not be the one with whom you plan to train. Send the completed application to the supervisor at least two weeks before the interview. After the interview (which will take about an hour) the supervisor will give you a written report to become a part of your application. This may involve a fee. The earlier you apply the better chance you have to secure an interview in a site near the seminary. Students should strive to initiate contact with sites by fall mid-term Reading Week.

4.    Consider applying to more than one center for summer units. If you choose to apply to multiple sites, it is appropriate to alert supervisors to this fact. When you have been accepted to and confirmed your enrollment in a program, please be sure to notify the supervisors at the other sites to which you applied.

5.    Review finances. Financial responsibility for CPE lies with the student. Most CPE centers do not offer compensation for introductory unites of CPE. Costs for CPE may include(but are not limited to):

• An application fee paid to the site.

• A site tuition fee typically ranging from $300 - $800.

• If CPE is taken for field education or pastoral care credit, tuition to PTS (See CPE for PTS Credit).

NOTE: You may do CPE on your own for no academic credit. Judicatories which require CPE normally do not require that you do CPE for academic credit.