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CPE for PTS Credit

If you do not register at PTS before you begin the CPE unit, CPE will not appear on your transcript. If you wish to do CPE for PTS academic credit:

1.    Submit a copy of your CPE letter of acceptance to the Office of Field Education.

2.    If you are taking CPE to satisfy a field education requirement register for FE 2110 (summer) or for FE 2111 (academic year). Upon successful completion of your placement you will receive two Field Education credits and a notation that you have satisfied one field education unit.
3.    CPE may also be done for either two field education elective credits (FE 3110 for the summer, FE 3111 for the academic year) OR for three pastoral care elective credits (PC 4110 for the summer, PC 4111 for the academic year). Please speak with your advisor about registration options.

4.    Students doing CPE for credit must submit the CPE Site’s Final Evaluation with additional questions found on the CPE Course Requirements to the Office of Field Education by the Office deadlines. For academic year CPE to satisfy a field education requirement, the CPE mid-unit evaluation (provided by PTS) is also required from both student and supervisor.

5.    The only grades for CPE in any context are P (pass) or F (fail). All grade sheets for CPE come to the Office of Field Education. Whether CPE is being done for field ed. or elective credit, the CPE supervisor recommends a pass/fail grade for CPE to the Office of Field Education. The student’s field education advisor reviews the recommendation and reads the evaluation. The Director of Field Education then informs the registrar of a passing or failing grade.

6.    The Office of Field Education must have both the student’s and the supervisor’s final evaluation in hand in order to make decisions about a student’s final grade by stated deadlines. Occasionally the student’s CPE supervisor is not able to submit the completed evaluation by the stated deadline. Should this occur: 1) supervisors are asked to submit written confirmation to the student’s field education advisor indicating whether or not the student has passed the CPE Unit, 2) students will need to sign a release form permitting the supervisor to send a copy of the final evaluation directly to the Office of Field Education.

7.    In addition to site fees, if CPE is taken for field education or pastoral care credit, the student will be responsible for tuition to PTS for 2 or 3 credits (based on course registration). Should the student have a PTS Grant these charges will be deducted from the grant.

NOTE: PTS does not provide stipends for CPE.