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Financial Considerations for Sites

Presently the recommended minimum stipend for a student engaged in field education full-time during the summer is $3150; part-time during the academic year is $2700; full-time for a year long placement is $1500 per month.  In addition, the site is required to reimburse the student for mileage for private vehicle use while on official business.  PTS recommends using the IRS rate, currently 50.5¢/mile.  The site should also reimburse the student for pre-approved, out-of-pocket expenses like supplies, trips, meals, or overnight lodging necessitated by the field education work.  Any reimbursement to the student for expenses commuting to and from the site is considered earned income and is therefore taxable.

Other considerations for Year Long Placements:

Medical Insurance presently costs $2150 per year for the student policy through the Seminary.

Domestic placements pay round trip air fare or mileage costs to Princeton plus expenses en route for the annual intern conference if it is held, and allow for the time.  Some give the student the weekend off as well.