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Financial Information (International)

Summer Placements:
All funds provided by Princeton Seminary for the international field education placement are to be used first and foremost for that purpose, i.e., room, board, meals, transportation, and any other expenses incurred while abroad that are directly related to the placement. None of the funds are to be considered for personal use unless otherwise directed by the Office of Field Education. Visa fees, passport fees, and transfer fees are the student’s responsibility.

Princeton Theological Seminary provides:
- roundtrip airline ticket (cost calculated from the most reasonable local airport to the site). Additional segments to the trip or changes will be the students’ responsibility and at their own expense.
- immunizations that are recommended and administered by the current health care provider. (The amount varies per country but may not exceed $900 per student. Anything over that amount will be the student’s responsibility).
- PTS insurance covers students working internationally including medical evacuation costs. The student must provide the Office of Field Education proof of insurance, whether personal or through Princeton Theological Seminary, once accepted for the international program.

Yearlong Placements:
Yearlong internships must be funded by the site or denominational body. The suggested stipend is $1,200 per month plus housing, roundtrip air-fare, and insurance.