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How to Apply to Become a Site

• Review the Field Education Newsletter.
• Email your site's name and contact information to You will be sent an email with instructions for our Online Update Center.
• Complete the information on the Online Update Center. Take time with the educational objectives so that they will be measurable, concrete, and attractive. This is the information that students will see. They will look at several placements, and yours will be measured against the others. If the student senses that he or she is being asked to do something because others do not want to do it, they will likely turn away from the placement. Students pay attention to the supervisor’s background and ministry preferences. They prefer broad experiences, and want to do ministries they have not done before.
• Print, sign and send the Partnership in Ministry Agreement to our office. We look for each site to provide travel and program expenses, as well as the stipend.
• Once received by our office, the advisor to your denomination will review the application.
• Finally, the supervisor will be interviewed by that advisor to confirm the financial arrangements, clarify and answer questions, and advise the supervisor about the recruitment process, if appropriate.