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Program Requirements for Supervisors

All Princeton Seminary students must take and pass two field education courses in order to graduate. Because academic credit is awarded, every site and supervisor must be approved and certified. In other words, every site is a classroom. The Office of Field Education must guarantee the quality of the course taught in each classroom to the faculty, administration, and the Seminary’s accrediting association. Therefore we require:

The site to provide a theologically trained supervisor who has been in professional ministry for three years and onsite for one year

The site to provide a context for learning and serving that meets the student’s educational and professional development needs as well as the ministerial needs of the site

The site annually to provide a description of the student’s ministry as well as educational objectives and criteria for evaluation

The supervisor to be trained and certified in supervision, and to maintain that certification through ongoing programs of education

The supervisor to complete all required reports on time

The supervisor to participate in periodic programs to enhance skills.

The seminary will provide training opportunities necessary for the supervisor to fulfill the contract, offer counsel to supervisors and governing bodies to interpret the program, and work to see that the program runs smoothly.