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Questions to ask at CPE Site Interviews

1.    What is the purpose of CPE? What am I supposed to learn?

2.    What is the philosophy of your CPE program? Your educational theory?

3.    What will I be doing? Can you describe a typical day?

4.    What patient populations are offered within your CPE program? (i.e. children's hospital, emergency room, drug & alcohol rehab, etc.)

5.    What is the role of the chaplain mentor vs. supervisor?

6.    What makes your CPE center unique?

7.    How many students are generally in a CPE program?

8.    What should I plan on time commitments? Do you have overnight on-call?

9.    What skills or awareness will the CPE experience bring to my ministry?

10.    In addition to time at the hospital for group work, didactics, and patient visits, how much additional at-home work is expected?

11.    How are assignments determined?

12.    When do you begin accepting applications? What is your timetable for making a decision?

13.    How do I go about setting up an interview?