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Selection Criteria for Applicants

A. Christian experience and understanding of mission involvement
1. faith expressed in light of a biblical understanding of history and response to the present
2. active membership in a local church or worshiping community
3. effective communication of the Christian faith
4. involvement in community life and an awareness of global issues
5. awareness of social justice issues
6. openness to various expressions of the Christian faith and respect for persons of other faiths.

B. Expectations of Christian community life
1. adaptability to new styles of living such as different foods, housing, and education as an
appropriate lifestyle
2. respect for beliefs, values, and customs of the church and culture where assigned
3. commitment to live according to the lifestyle of the community served.

C. Cultural understanding and sensitivity
1. openness and sensitivity to ethnic and cultural values and practices
2. commitment to racial, class, and ethnic inclusiveness
3. awareness of and ability to collaborate with others
4. ability to accept and to participate in the self-determination and empowerment of people
5. willingness to learn another language and to communicate in a different culture.

D. Personal relationships and interpersonal skills
1. well-developed interpersonal skills demonstrating flexibility and compassion
2. ability to relate effectively to authority, including persons of another race or culture
3. ability to form healthy and supportive relationships
4. personal practices reflecting expectations of categories B and C above.

E. Appropriate educational preparation and professional competence
1. ability to integrate professional, personal and theological understanding
2. willingness to serve where opportunities exist or where needed
3. willingness to learn from and work with indigenous leadership
4. adaptability to different standards and practices.

F. Physical and emotional health
1. demonstrated health and the physical stamina necessary for the potential assignment (letter of approval from primary care physician)
2. emotional stability and maturity.