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Summer International Field Education

General Requirements:
Student must register for GM 102. This course involves full-time ministry done under the direction of an approved field education supervisor during the summer. Students must complete a minimum of 350 hours over the course of ten to twelve consecutive weeks. A learning/serving covenant and a final appraisal (see course requirements for deadline). must be completed by students, in cooperation with their supervisors. Students receive two credits and are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Specific Student Requirements:
1. Submit a typed application by November 2.
2. Participate in all orientation sessions.
3. Participate in a debriefing session with the field education staff during the following fall semester.
4. Agree to participate in the general orientation session for students who are selected for the ensuing summer.

This course may satisfy the PTS church placement requirement, depending upon the site and job description.

You cannot participate in the International Field Education Program if you are planning to do the Washington Semester during the prior spring semester, due to unavailability for interviews, general information sessions, orientations, and immunizations.