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Teaching Ministry Course Requirements

This course involves part-time ministry done under the direction of an approved supervisor during the fall and spring semesters. The course is usually taken during the second year. Students must complete a minimum of three hundred hours on their field placements, spread over thirty weeks during the thirty-six-week academic year. Students are expected to be on site a minimum of eight hours each week; in addition, two or more hours should be spent in weekly preparation. The total experience should not exceed fifteen hours each week.

Students must complete a learning/serving covenant and two appraisals, one each semester, with their supervisors. Students and supervisors meet weekly to review the student's work and reflect theologically upon it. The faculty mentor assists the student with methodology, curriculum design, and the expertise of his or her area of specialization. Attendance at specified events during the academic year is required for students, supervisors, and mentors. The learning/serving covenant is due within two weeks of the internship start date, but no later than October 1. Appraisals are due at the end of each term on the date designated by the field education office. Students receive two credits at the end of the spring semester and are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Teaching ministry is normally a specialized ministry placement. In order for teaching ministry to satisfy the requirement for a church placement, the student must in addition to the usual requirements participate in worship leadership regularly and preach at least once per semester. Students doing teaching ministry as a church placement should expect to work fifteen hours per week.
In addition to the general requirements, students, supervisors, and faculty mentors will meet on campus with PTS staff two times during the academic year (once each long term). Students are also required to participate in three additional lunch seminars. Supervisors and faculty mentors are invited, but not required, to attend. In addition, students will participate in a Blackboard discussion group over the course of the academic year. A common reading as well as the students’ insights, inquiries, and experiences will provide the foundation for this discussion. Based on prior educational preparation, students selected for the teaching ministry program may also be required to take ED101, Introduction to the Teaching Ministry, concurrently with their field education placement.