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Yearlong International Field Education

General Requirements:
Student must register for GM 108. Yearlong intensive ministry internships are optional for all M. Div., M.A., and dual-degree students, and involve full-time ministry under the direction of an approved supervisor for a period of nine to twelve months. An intensive ministry internship may be used to satisfy either the summer or academic year field education requirement. Intensive ministry internships are usually done after the completion of two years of theological education. Students must complete a learning/serving covenant, a mid-year appraisal, and a final appraisal with their supervisor (see course requirements for deadlines). Students and supervisors are to meet weekly to review the student’s work and engage in theological reflection concerning it. These courses may not be taken concurrently with any other course in the PTS curriculum. Those who choose this option will be considered full-time students
and will be eligible for the Seminary’s medical insurance and continued deferment of student loans. Students receive two credits at the conclusion of the internship and are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Specific Requirements:
1. Students must submit an application by November 2.
3. Participate in all orientation sessions.
4. Complete a debriefing session with the field education staff during the fall semester following the internship.
5. Agree to participate in the general orientation session for students who are selected for the ensuing summer.

This course may satisfy the local church requirement, depending upon the site and job description.