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Action Plan Committee

In order to foster deeper learning, cultivate greater understanding within a diverse Seminary community, and embrace the realities of our context, President Torrance has created an Action Plan Committee (APC).  This committee is composed of a diverse cross-section of faculty, students, and administrators.
The APC is charged with the following tasks:

      • Implementing short-term strategies for constructive dialogue regarding a recent student publication;
    • Exploring and recommending processes that will allow us to move forward beyond this event;
    • Working with the Office of Multicultural Relations in conjunction with initiatives that are already in process;
      • Assisting the community to work toward an institutional environment that goes beyond managing diversity to one that values and capitalizes on diversity in all areas.

The members of the Action Plan Committee are:
Victor Aloyo, Jr., Jan Ammon, Blair Bertran, Joseph Collazo, Cherri Green, Charlene Han, Deborah Hunsinger, Patricia Korsak, Brian McCollum, Kate Skrebutenas, Brenda Williams, Richard Young, Rachel Landers, Bo Karen Lee
In order to facilitate communication within the Seminary community, the Action Plan Committee is providing a periodic e-newsletter entitled: APC Checkpoints.  Please review accordingly and if you have any comment or suggestions in assisting the APC in facilitating and creating safe space for conversations please contact actionplancommittee@ptsem.edu.

An APC Convocation
"A Responsible Dialectic Between The Prophetic Word and Free Speech"

Responding to the many concerns heard around the weekly Roundtable Conversations and the recent cartoon illustration in the New York Post and other unfortunate items found in the print media nationwide, the Action Plan Committee will be organizing a two-part convocation entitled "A Responsible Dialectic Between The Prophetic Word and Free Speech." 

The globalization of the world brings together different groups into common space and produces what Dr. Anselm Min, Professor of Religion at Claremont states as a "twofold dialectic," the dialectic of differentiation, in which we are made increasingly aware of differences in nationality, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, class, and language; and the dialectic of interdependence, which we are compelled to find a way of living together despite our differences.  The central challenge of the globalizing world is how to manage and transform this twofold, antithetical dialectic of simultaneous differentiation and interdependence into solidarity of others, the mutual solidarity of those who are different."

We will explore the ethical, spiritual, cultural and theological parameters of free speech and the use of media in relation to our responsibility as agents of reconciliation. This will be a forum where we will examine among other issues the purpose of satire in society, the significance and responsibility of free speech, the call of the Gospel to safeguard the diversity of needs and issues of "the other", etc.   

On March 3rd from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Main Lounge we will be having three presentations with an opportunity for constructive dialogue.  These presentations will be provided by Dr. Peter Paris, Professor of Christian Social Ethics Emeritus, Dr. Mark L. Taylor, Professor of Theology and Culture, and the Rev. Jose Gonzalez Colon, pastor of The First Spanish Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, NY.   

On April 13th (time and speakers to be determined) will be the second installment of this convocation.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact actionplancommittee@ptsem.edu.