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Diversity Initiatives

"Crossing The Racial Divide"

Intercultural Dialogue Forum
Princeton Theological Seminary’s strategic plan affirms its role of endeavoring to
form “leaders who will be fluent, courageous spokespeople who are capable of being both insiders and outsiders. . .”
There is a lot riding on how well future pastors, academicians, Christian educators, chaplains, social service providers, etc., are preparing themselves to “minister” to those whose culture may not be their own.

The Office of Multicultural Relations has been developing an Intercultural Dialogue Forum (IDF) with the intent of creating a safe space where students and the Seminary community can discuss issues of racial and cultural differences between us. We believe that, as Christians, our spirituality is very much connected with the challenges of the world and that the Kin-dom of God is already among us. Cultivating a culture of reconciliation is very much in line with Jesus’ ministry as he embraced differences in (see, for example, his encounter with the Samaritan woman in John 4:9). Indeed, as Jesus embodied difference from the cultural expectations of his day, so too are we who call ourselves Christians to embrace and embody difference as we go forth into the world. Please refer to Campus Highlights for information on upcoming events. 

The IDF steering team meets on a monthly basis to further plan events and discuss issue on racial reconciliation. 

This initiative will be coordinated by our IDF Advisory Team composed of students and members of the Seminary community through the Office of Multicultural Relations.  
Reading Circle
With an interest in engaging the voices of women throughout the world grappling with theology in the midst of racist, sexist, classist systems, we will undertake a study of mujerista, womanist and feminist theologians.

We will engage voices that challenge assumptions of a male God as normative, and expand our own healing, faith, and learning through these women. We would like to gather a group of readers that breaks down the barriers of race, gender, and class that often create division in our theological conversations.

We will provide a space in which voices relegated to the margin of the Christian experience are heard and explored. This initiative is being developed by the Reading Circle Team through OMR.

The Bridge-Makers Retreat
A long, deeply wounding history of sexism, racism, and classism haunt the American landscape, including Princeton Theological Seminary.  This retreat will primarily serve to gather students from Princeton Theological Seminary who believe that honest dialogue is essential to any form of reconciliation and community building.  We believe that healing must include: admission, acknowledgement, disclosure, and testimony.  We hope to encourage bridge-making and justice-making through student-led initiatives, guided by the Holy Spirit, in order to begin the healing of wounded communities at the margins. 

The Retreat offers an important and honest step in facilitating an atmosphere on campus where all can "welcome diverse constituencies . . . to encouorage openness and dialogue," a commitment made in the Seminary's Strategic Plan.  The Bridge-makers' retreat will take place at Stony Point Center on October 25-26, 2010.  The non-refundable program fee per participant will be $20.00 .  Information on the retreat itinerary will be forthcoming.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Multicultural Relations at 609.688.1941 or  If you are interested in attending please register by October 10 at:

Sister Circle Retreat
Announcing a new and bold collaborative endeavor between Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary. . ."Sister Circle Retreat."

While we hope the initial event is a time of refreshing for women of color in graduate school, we also hope to cultivate a network of women interested in or already attending graduate school, including those interested in theological vocations.

The challenges of graduate education experienced by woman of color can be daunting and unsettling at best. This new venture promises to provide wonderful resources of support from amazing practitioners and educators that will enhance abilities to confront the continuing challenges for the twenty-first century.

The Sisters Circle Retreat: Worship & Workshop for Women of Color in Graduate School. Our conveners will be Dr. Karen Jackson-Weaver, Associate Dean (Princeton University) & Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Associate Professor (Princeton Theological Seminary) whose passion and insights have designed this bold initiative.

All women of color who are currently enrolled in graduate programs or who are considering a graduate degree, are welcome to attend. This program, including meals, is free for those who register in advance. Please register by visiting:
or contacting Ms. Jackie Lyde: jlyde@Princeton.EDU

Co-Sponsors: Office of the Dean of the Graduate School, Princeton University & Office of Multicultural Relations, Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Celebrating the World: Global Experiences of Faith in Action
During the course of the academic year we will be developing the CELEBRATING THE WORLD: Global Experiences of Faith in Action" Initiative. On the first Wednesday of every month during lunch, we will hear from a variety of experiences from every part of the world. Our international students will share their challenges experienced in their home countries and how the Church is moving forward in the midst of insurmountable circumstances.  These presentations/discussion forums will be held in the Main Lounge- Mackay Campus Center at 12:00 p.m. 

This initiative is being developed by the International Friends Network through the Office of Multicultural Relations.   

Unleashing the Voices: A Prayer Gathering
Domestic Violence Awareness Month evolved from the first Day of Unity observed in October, 1981 by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The intent was to connect battered women’s advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. Remembering victims and honoring survivors of domestic violence is the main purpose for the initiative entitled: “Unleashing the Voices: A Prayer Gathering” to be held in October. For more information please contact Tamara Davis.