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International/Intercultural Services

Students come to this country and to Princeton Seminary to develop their vocations and contribute to the fabric of this institution. When they arrive, they find that the United States, and Princeton Seminary, embraces people with many different incomes, living conditions, educations, locations, religious practices, and social norms. For all our incoming international students we welcome you wholeheartedly.  In order to provide some resource for you in preparation for your journey to Princeton, please visit the following webpage:

The International/Intercultural web page will attempt to provide information that will assist us in honoring people where they are, with what they know, how they acquired this knowledge, and how they apply it. 

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International Students (ISI)
ISI is a Christian friendship organization with volunteers in 267 cities and 538 campuses.


International Students Fellowship

The International Students Fellowship (ISF) is a support network of international and domestic students on campus.  A series of events and activities are organized throughout the academic year to enhance our abilities in appreciating the rich and diverse expressions of faith and cultures in our midst. 

The ISF is composed of international students and their spouses. Its aim is to support international students and to incorporate them fully into the campus life of the larger community. ISF also assists international students in learning more about American culture; for example, ISF sponsors excursions to places of cultural and political interest, such as Philadelphia, New York, and Lancaster County. It also shares fellowship at Christmas and other holidays in order to create a place of familial warmth for students far from loved ones. 

The International Students’ Fellowship (ISF) is the Seminary organization of international students, run for and by them.  Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of students at Princeton Seminary, members of the ISF feel that they can best bring everyone together by organizing cultural and social functions and other activities.  In this way, members share knowledge of their countries and cultures while creating a better understanding between themselves and domestic students. 

Early in the academic year the association has a special orientation meeting for new international students and includes those already attending the Seminary.  This provides an opportunity for members to become personally acquainted with all newcomers and to provide more detailed information about seminary life at Princeton.  The ISF has a lounge in the basement of Roberts Hall where they gather for meetings and social occasions.

International Friends Network 

The International Friends Network (IFN) is an intentional ministry to pair international students with domestic students throughout the academic year.  This reciprocal effort of fellowship and communication has the purpose of embracing the wide array of experiences on campus as students from all fifty states and forty-nine countries from around the world learn of each other's stories and can benefit from the experiences thereof.  Fun times, one-on-one conversations, mutual support, are some of the key elements of IFN.

During the course of the academic year we will be developing the CELEBRATING THE WORLD: Global Experiences of Faith in Action" Initiative.  On the first Wednesday of every month during lunch, we will hear from a variety of experiences from various parts of the world.  Our international students will share their challenges experienced in their home countries and how the Church is moving forward in the midst of insurmountable circumstances. These presentations/discussion forums will be held in the Main Lounge at 12:00 p.m.