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OMR's Vision and Purpose

A Core Value

Princeton Theological Seminary endeavors to model for the academy and the worldwide church a community of individuals who seek what is best for each other.  The Seminary respects and significantly benefits from diversity as expressed through racial/ethnic, gender, cultural, disability, age, sexual orientation, religious/denominational, and socioeconomic differences among faculty, staff and students.  It takes seriously its responsibility to offer educational and professional opportunities equitably to all qualified persons it can accommodate.  The Seminary through its curriculum, programs, and services, endeavors to provide understanding and supportive interaction among diverse populations groups and respects individuals’ personal values and ideas. Diversity for the Seminary is therefore particularly germane to our core perspective.  A commitment to diversity is central to our mission of discovery and vocational exploration.

Our Vision and Purpose

PTS Students“The vision and purpose of OMR at Princeton Theological Seminary in the Department of Student Life is to provide leadership and direction for the continuous assessment and improvement of Seminary-wide efforts to create and sustain a more diverse and inclusive community of learners; to work collaboratively with other Seminary departments and student organizations to build a capacity to recognize and value difference, encourage and support positive interactions between and among diverse populations, maximize the benefits of a multicultural perspective and build bridges of reconciliation through intentional dialogue; and to advise the Seminary leadership on the policies, programs, practices and resources needed to achieve excellence, equity and effectiveness in the research, teaching and learning, and outreach activities of the Seminary. OMR will also assist Seminary committees, departments, administrative offices, to engage in pro-active leadership in reconciling racial/ethnic and cultural discord.”

Within Princeton Seminary’s remarkably diverse population, the issues of multiculturalism are to be met with the intention of raising the consciousness of seminarians through effective communication and interaction, stressing respect and advocacy during their transient time in this community. This will prepare them for ministry in American and international communities, which are becoming more diverse and complex. Princeton Seminary will be a channel to provide cross-cultural ministry preparation and multicultural activities, and a commitment to dialogue.

OMR is committed to diversifying students’ interactions with multifaceted cultures through programs that will help them develop the sensitivity and compassion necessary to be responsive to and respect all individuals they encounter in their ministry. We are committed to bridging the differences among all of our students, so they recognize their shared identity in the Seminary community and in the body of Christ. Allowing both vulnerability and honesty is essential in cross-cultural interaction, and these qualities will be encouraged for students of all cultures as they explore both commonalities and differences with one another. Students will learn the tools for more effective dialogue with their present and future colleagues through programs in racial and ethnic studies, and global intercultural experiences.

OMR values:

  • Diversity
  • Respect, embrace, and nurture individual differences
  • Respect, embrace, and nurture diversity of thought, views, and opinions
  • Inclusiveness
  • Community
  • Accountability

 The Princeton Seminary community is a microcosm of the church as a whole. Students’ attitudes and interactions developed through OMR's initiatives will find their way into the larger church through our graduates’ ministries. By instilling respectful attitudes through intentional exposure to racial and ethnic voices and concerns at every level of the institution, and by valuing the perspectives on life and ministry that are formed in many cultures, students can model these attitudes and perspectives for the church.