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The debate about how a good education system should be one of the most controversial causes in modern societies. Most countries have problems in this regard and we all know that a change is necessary with advanced education, but the reforms tend to be stuck in controversial debates about how students should be divided in the classroom, if the work of the teachers should be evaluated or if they are useful. They do not consider how we think. It does not consider the multiple intelligences of the human being, which make it clear that the same cannot be taught to everyone.

They teach us, disqualifying us

The ratings have done more harm than a benefit, they are the cruelest and disqualifying instrument for a human being, where a failed one can become the end of self-esteem for the rest of your life. The system tells you the theory, but it does not give you practice.

They do not teach to sell

It does not matter if you come out with the best grades from the school if you do not know how to sell or promote yourself as a person, professional and future entrepreneur. The bad sales are the first motive of the death of the entrepreneurs. Never teaching a student how his mind works and taking advantage of it today, not teaching him to breathe, meditate and, especially to eat, has not only led to a public health crisis, but they have not allowed people to live properly. This information is essential to start a prosperous and happy healthy life.

How to be a leader?

Not knowing how to speak in public, does not allow us to communicate on a larger scale and not being trained to lead, has meant that our countries do not have people who can lead and guide them into the future.

We left without knowing how to read correctly

Nothing facilitates human development more than reading and understanding, our countries cannot read and understand; but, although they know it, every day we have less time and money to do it.

Personal finances

Millions of people graduate if they know how to handle a credit card and less save or invest. This means that even if they become successful professionals with money, they lose part of their profit because they do not have this useful knowledge. In this era of multimedia information and technology, a person who spends 4 to 5 years studying is a waste of time, considering that their career ends with little expertise.

Social and soft skills

Studies can help, but there is nothing more useful for a human being than their social skills and soft skills. To develop the being gives more guarantee than the intellect when it comes to achieving and being happy. Mismanaged emotions end with the present and future of the best mathematician or scientist. Do not teach young people how to deal with it and use it in their favor, it will only continue to affect their emotional stability.

These shortcomings are only ending with the inspiration of millions of young people, who no longer find great reasons to go to university. Broadly speaking, this ends completely with your personal security, leadership, possibility, creativity and most importantly, your prosperity.

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