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All about Egypt

For Egypt, the glory of a sex resort for women has established itself. Indeed, such a choice of Arabs who are always ready for close contacts cannot be found in any other country in the Middle East. Does this mean that male travelers have nothing to rely on, and their destiny is quiet lonely evenings in the company of a bottle?

Weak sex

Women in the Egyptian expanse expanse. In this country, absolutely any lady will be “served”, regardless of her age, appearance and marital status, and sometimes even without her special desire. Loving Arabs await at every turn. One has only to go to any of the souvenir shops, and the seller will try to try on everything for you at the same time, while touching all the parts to the Women in the Egyptian expanses of the shedding body so that you will feel like you are having an erotic massage. And if you go to a disco, then there will be no end to the fans. And almost every cleaner will whisper words of love in the purest Russian language. Is it any wonder? After all, in recent years they have had excellent language practice.
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But remember: if you decide to "try" the Egyptian, you have to think about a few things. Firstly, a place to meet. As a rule, poor figures of the tourist industry rent an apartment in a fold, so your new friend is unlikely to invite you to your home. A wealthier Arab will also not want to lead a tourist into his den. Formally, strict morals reign in Egypt. An Egyptian cannot just live with a girl - neighbors can report it to the appropriate authorities. Therefore, before bringing a lady to his apartment with egypt, he must draw up a special orphy contract (which especially naive ladies consider a marriage certificate, whereas in reality it is just a permission for sex certified by a couple of witnesses). For the sake of one night, nobody will do that. Your number is also not always the best option. In some hotels, hotel employees do not mind having fun with tourists, and the stranger will have problems at the entrance. So, if your boyfriend does not invent something more original like a cabin on a private yacht, you will have sex on the beach or in the desert - and then you will have to shake the sand for a long time. From everywhere. What to do if you went to this country just to relax? Be careful: Egyptian men tend to perceive an ordinary polite smile as a sign of favor. Further refusal will not only offend them, but also enrage them. Therefore, even if you are not married, put a wedding ring on your finger, wrap yourself in long clothes and never admit to anyone that you are from Russia.

Strong floor

What do men do? Getting to know a girl for a non-profit relationship is very difficult. The usual places - bars and discos - are occupied by Arabs who are ready for What to do for men? Everything so as not to let competitors enter their territory. However, to show character, to push Arabs and start an affair with some German woman is the most reliable and guaranteed option leading to sex. It will be possible to have fun, “beating” a compatriot from the Egyptians - this can be somewhat traumatic, but not without adrenaline.

You can try to make contact with the local. Of course, the first lady you meet is unlikely to fall into your arms. Make acquaintances with waitresses or maids. However, although these girls communicate with a large number of men, they are not at all ready to sleep with them. So you have to work hard to gain the trust of such a beauty. But there are no guarantees that before the end of the vacation you will manage to bring your relationship to its logical end. There will be paid entertainment for the stronger sex in this country. As a rule, standard moves work best: hire a taxi driver, explain the problem to him and provide a solution to him. He knows exactly where to go. Just don’t let him go and pay until you are sure that you have found what you need.

Do not be surprised if none of the proposed aborigines suits you. The fact is that local priestesses of love are, as a rule, ugly, completely despised by all despised aunts of respectable age. Yes, they are ready to quickly fulfill any client’s wishes for only $ 20-30, but you need to have a very strong desire so as not to run away just by looking at these professionals.

Therefore, many prefer brothels with a foreign contingent. So immediately orient the driver where to take you. For example, in Hurghada, the Calypso disco and the Sindbad night disco are famous for touring - close relations are guaranteed, but you will have to choose from former compatriots from the CIS. Other places where you can find For example, in Hurghada, the Calypso disco and the Sindbad night disco are famous for their selling love in this resort - the McDonalds neighborhood in the new center of Sakal. In many restaurants, waitresses work here who are not averse to earning in any other way. Oddly enough, the gay sex in Egypt is easier. Local girls are impregnable, and young people (even from hotel servants or shop assistants in stores) do not hesitate to enter into close relations with guests for a very reasonable fee.