How does this big change affect user searches?
All bets indicate that voice consultation will be a very important factor to consider for search engines in the coming years. For that reason, if you can not with your enemy, join him.

The main search engines have changed their way of processing the content, the old formula in which a certain number of times a keyword was included is no longer enough. Now look for the naturalness and satisfaction of the user's desire, that is, offer one or several answers to a query instead of offering the query itself.

The semantic richness of the content plays an important role as well as the context, since while the written searches are usually characterized by the omission of prepositions, omission of articles, single words and empty words, voice searches contain all the elements of a phrase, semantics becoming important.


This practice is becoming more common. Google "rewards" all those contents that can offer users a solution to a query.( seo as say agencia seo / agencia seo barcelona / agencia seo

This trend is practically directed towards voice searches, since the queries made by a user through voice assistants are usually direct questions that are solved with direct answers. As you can see in the example, position 0, directly offers the preview of a response with a series of tips through the Knowledge Graph, while below it appears a grid of possible solutions to the problem posed by the user.

As pointed out in the following graphic Tom Anthony of Distilled, a new ecosystem has been created to take into account for SEO mobile strategies.