Browser games

Browser games

We will return 2007. At this time, games like Halo 3 Bioshock Portal Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Super Mario Galaxy appeared and received good reviews from critics In the same year, many other outstanding projects came out, so it is considered the best year in the history of video games. But not for everyone. Some games needed powerful and expensive computers, and recently released consoles sold at prices ranging from 249.99 (Nintendo Wii) to 599.99 (PlayStation 3). For many players, being able to play modern games was too expensive. However, at that time the video game market did not end with home consoles and powerful computers: from the very inception of the Internet, online browser games began to appear on the scene. Such games could be played on any computer with an Internet connection, and most of them were free. In the same 2007, such well-known browser games appeared as The Last Stand The Impossible Quiz Newgrounds Rumble Pandemic, and Trials 2.. Unfortunately, the software maker needed to run these games has completed its support. Because of this, now we can’t play hundreds and thousands of games, it has destroyed many years of development of games and game content. Browser games have left a deep mark in the history of video games, but due to the end of support for Flash in 2020, we will lose this story and the funds necessary to save it.

What made browser games unique and vibrant

Many browser games like T-Rex Cromo Dinosaurio arose thanks to Flash technology, while it was a low-cost but powerful tool for displaying multimedia content in web browsers. Flash consisted of two parts: Flash a program in which you could create Flash files using drawing and scripting tools that allow you to make your own animations and games, and Flash player a free plug-in that runs creations created in Flash files. Flash files included a wide range of games that could be played everywhere and always: from a home computer or in a school library. The most attractive in these games was their simplicity and straightforward game design. Some games used the most simplified basic game mechanics and graphics. Other Flash games were more polished and extravagant. A simple example is the Bowman game in which two archers try to hit each other by shooting arrows from their bows. The one who first succeeds in inflicting sufficient damage to the enemy wins. The game was attended by natural obstacles and a battle mode against a computer or a person. The main thing in the game is not its appearance, but the basic game mechanics, creating an exciting and understandable gameplay.

On the other side of the spectrum is Endeavor a jump and climb platformer connected to role-playing elements. The player controls a gnome trying to reveal an ancient secret: he explores the world and is pumped. The game has several endings, non-player characters with whom you can interact, quests, and so on. It is hard to imagine that a Flash game of this magnitude can be completed in one go.

Flash game development veteran John Clooney is one of many game creators who used Flash to put his ideas on the Internet. Thanks to Flash, the vanguard of independent game developers has emerged. Flash started commercially successful games like Alien Hominid N Super Meat Boy VVVVVV. These games either had well-developed game design, or had excellent graphics, so they went further than online platforms and became full-blown projects or franchises. And all this became possible thanks to Flash. Browser games provided an endless stream of interesting and exciting gameplay, and at the same time, they sparked a spark of creativity in indie developers. Unfortunately, the peak of fame for browser games, like all good things, had its end.

The decline of Flash

CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Before his death in 2010, Steven Jobs wrote an open letter to Adobe, explaining why Flash is not supported on Apple's mobile devices iPhone, iPad and iPod. In short, the following was written there: the future has arrived, and you are out of date.

Moreover, the Flash player has earned notoriety for its reticence and error prone to worsening most web pages. Some see Flash's death as a blessing because Internet users have a faster and more reliable worldwide network. Even websites such as Newgrounds Addicting Games Kongregate, and Miniclip which for many years used Flash in all their content, began to gradually abandon it because of all its shortcomings. The end of the Flash era will still be a time of mourning, especially for those games that cannot be saved. Flash has affected the video game industry, and the loss of its forgotten content will also mean the loss of some of the history of early video games.

History of appearance and disappearance

It is believed that the first video game created exclusively for entertainment was 1958 Tennis for Two Almost four decades later, Club a Seal of 1997 became the first browser-based game Although these games are very different in genre, they are both milestones that are the first of their kind. However, it is not known whether they were actually the first. Many early games were piece goods, they were created, but not published, or dismantled for parts after release. Like film, the story of this medium should not fade and die.