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Marijuana Seeds

Learn About Cannabis Seeds

growing marijuana from seed

Researching the most effective cannabis seeds to grow in all climates. For legal growers in the United States and Canada, producing viable marijuana plants via propagation techniques is a required step to growing a personal or medical supply. Recreational marijuana is allowed in certain states which gives the grower a plant limit, or specific area for legal cultivation.

Marijuana Seed Basics

Selection of the right seeds to grow depends on the genetic makeup of the cannabis species. Breeders make cannabis seeds by either hybridization or true breeding methods. Such hybrids contain a mixture of parent genetics, as is the case with indica-sativa hybrids. Whether the genetics are pure or hybrid, the sex of the seeds is typically feminized (all female plants) or regular (natural male and female plants).

Genetic traits contained may prove to be more resistant to pests and diseases than other strains. The researchers at Mold Resistant Strains have developed hardy, resistant strains that grow well in wet climates and dank tropical areas around the world. For growers faced with mold issues, growing a mold resistant marijuana strain is the proper solution.

Harvest of marijuana comes during the end of the plant's life-cycle. By inspecting the flowers, or bud, of the cannabis plant the grower can analyze the tricomes (containing the cannabinoids THC, CBD, THCV...)