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The facts confirm that the individuals who are well on the way to be perceived by shoppers are that wines from Cavas de Paraje Calificado must have a base maturing time of three years in the jug (contrasted with 30 months of Gran Reserva), They ought to be made in a Brut style (12 gr / l and less) and be matured wines.

Notwithstanding, in the vineyard, the grapes must be reaped physically from vines that are more than 10 years of age, that originate from qualified plots of land, scene, and that have a most extreme yield of 8,000 kg for every hectare.

The wines must be checked in a solitary ranch with a limit of 48 hectoliters of must per hectare. The base and the completed wines must be qualified, completely discernible and afterward get a quality control name.

Things being what they are, were the wines acceptable?

To put it plainly, yes. All were significant level and all were plainly Cavas Orgánicos .

The following perception was that the nine wines on display were altogether different and that was not just because of contrasts in the terroir.

There were hardly any likenesses, state, between Mirgin Exeo 2013, Alta Alella Mirgin whose 40% of Chardonnay changed the profile of the remaining Xarel and developed in oak for 2-3 years contrasted with Turó D'En Mota, 2004, Recaredo that It was 100% Xarel Lo, had been in contact with the dregs for over 12 years and had a totally extraordinary profile and structure. What was the impact of the terroir against the technique? Difficult to state

The most established wine was an Enoteca 2002, Gramona and, when all is said in done, I imagined that the wines demonstrated better with more age: increasingly optional kinds of praline, brioche, darker shading and flows of better air pockets, contrasted with the mouth Mousse filling of the most youthful wines.

Coincidentally, my preferred wine of the night was 100% Pinot Noir - The Tros Nou 2009, Ars Collecta Codorniu, the record floors of the 2.1-hectare site that give the wine a heavenly minerality and the moderately cool climate here, which It makes it one of the most elevated sharpness towards the evening, in spite of the fact that the organic product held it well. The wine is as yet a pup, yet it had a sweet and dainty nose, succulent Golden Delicious flavors with an exquisite and acidic completion.

At that point, having three years as a base age limit and unbounded, wines with a Cava de Paraje name won't give an away from to the shopper of what the wine possesses a flavor like, similarly that a Gran Reserva grouping doesn't . It will end up being a kite brand of a specific standard: Ultra-Premium whenever wanted.

As the wines get some more harvests under their belts, we plan to see the individual attributes of the genuine terroir that contrast from the vinification styles and assortments. To do that, I think you need to taste these wines alongside the Gran Reservations of similar makers and different vintages of their Cava de Paraje wines as they travel through time. And afterward the independence of these specific vineyards will start to be increasingly obvious.