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Gay Cupid Review

This post was previously featured on the blog. certainly doesn't seem to be one of the most popular gay online dating sites out there. It's always a bad sign to me when certain areas of a website, with a very specific market in mind, have not been tailored toward its surfers. It reeks of cookie-cutter design without much attention to detail, and such is the case with this online dating site, as in many places it mentions both genders, despite its same-sex designation.

The profile process is relatively extensive, including a section in which subscribers must write a text-based description about themselves and what type of match they're seeking. Since neither the possibility of being bisexual or transgender is an option anywhere in the dropdown menus, I wouldn't describe Gay Cupid as sensitive to the inclusive aspect of the gay community. For some men, they may not find it an issue. However, for me, it limits search preferences too much.

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" long as one party is paying for a monthly membership, both parties can communicate. Previously, that didn't appear to be the case so this is a vast improvement from the old system... "

Speaking of which, you only have access to basic search options without paying. That limits you to country, state or province, and a few select cities. The upgrade prompt that shows at least part of the advanced searches available seems to show a concentration on other aspects beyond location. Therefore, I wouldn't say that the site has truly localized search capabilities.

Gay Cupid allows you to show interest to members before paying and see who's interested in you, too. It's free to reply to emails or instant messages from premium subscribers. Moreover, an upgraded subscriber can read emails from a nonpaying member. In other words, as long as one party is paying for a monthly membership, both parties can communicate. Previously, that didn't appear to be the case so this is a vast improvement from the old system where both had to be premium subscribers to send replies.

Paying members can also use group chat rooms, although, even if you don't upgrade, you can have limited access to chat if you add a photo to your profile and receive some emails from other members interested in you. If you pay for the more expensive of two membership options, you'll enjoy voicemail and video mail, as well as instant text messaging. Adding videos to your own profile, as well as watching those posted by other members, is yet another benefit to the highest level of membership.

There are some newly added community sections with links of interest to gay and bisexual men, as well as some areas that will eventually include user-submitted photos and stories. Since currently has limited traffic, it might not be the best place to meet Mr. Right, at least for now.



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