Competing with other cleaning business in your area

Competition is an essential point in the world of business. It's not really a scary thing to have many competitions in your own commercial cleaning business, because competition means a sign for the service demand. All you have to do is to study your competitors, in term of their office cleaning service price, what kind of cleaning equipment used, quality of commercial cleaners Brisbane supplies and so on.

Do a small research to find out about other cleaning businesses in your area. Don't worry it's not that hard, you can even start this research right now in your home. All you need is Yellow pages, a paper to write down the list of cleaning companies, and a phone. choose as many cleaning companies from the Australian yellow pages as you can, phone them, ask about their services and their prices.

Another trick is to ask other businesses that you know about the cleaning company that clean their places, like your family doctor, your real estate agent, friends or family member who work in an office. Ask questions about how they like their services, and how many days their places are cleaned by the CCS company.

Try to record everything and then take your time to assess the competition. As you can see, it's not hard to research your competitors, it's an extra step to add it to your own office cleaning startup, but it can pay off.

Registration for Starting an office cleaning business

Before Starting your own cleaning business, you should consider a business insurance coverage, to include insurance for your service van or car, liability and bonding insurance, and other insurance for your employees if you consider hiring help either now or in future. Having insurance is a protection for you and your clients, costs can be used as business expenses.

To offer your cleaning service to other businesses your company should be registered, it's an easy process that can be accomplish either by mail or online. You can use your licensed business name to open business bank account, and apply for other business accounts. (ex: wholesalers & suppliers)

You can obtain all the information regarding business registration and taxes by calling your revenue service agency in your area.

Supplies needed for cleaning business

The startup supplies for a cleaning business that is run from home is very minimal compared to other specialty services like carpet cleaning or air duct cleaning that required expensive cleaning machine, and a high volume of marketing materials to reach their clients.

For your startup marketing and accounting you will need business cards, flyers, brochures, business phone line (or a cell phone), accounting notebook. For your cleaning supplies and equipment, you need glass cleaner, bleach, mop, squeegee, oven cleaner, vacuum cleaner, bucket, and other basic cleaning supplies.

Try to consider having a uniform, which can reflect a very professional image for your company. A sign for your vehicle which you can either buying from a sign shop, or get a magnetic low-price kit from staples or office depot.