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As a buyer, getting the right agent can be likened to a person finding the right spouse who makes their world a gallery of sunshine and laughter. If you get the wrong agent, you surely would have a hard time getting the kind of property you need, but if you find the 'one,' enjoy your smooth investment journey.

If you have an interest in purchasing one of the off plan property in Dubai, you will need an agent who knows the area well and also knows his onions on how to deal with sellers and the law. 

Once you choose the right agent from top Dubai real estate agencies, the next step is to build a healthy working relationship with the agent. In truth, the relationship between a buyer and an agent goes a long way in determining how well the agent will work and how much value the buyer will get. 

Because relationships are a two-way street, we would be sharing some useful tips—five of them—on how to build a healthy and productive buyer-agent relationship:

1. Be honest: 

No agent wants to work with a buyer who doesn’t know what he/she wants. When you describe to your agent the kind of house you want, be honest enough to list out everything, including the amount you are willing to pay. If you're going to acquire one of the new projects by Emaar like Emaar Beachfront apartments, tell your agent that is what you want. Be specific and honest with your agent. If agents find out that a buyer is not accurate enough to say to them the unhinged truth about their expectation, they are likely to get uninterested in getting a property for the buyer. 

2. Be punctual: 

This is a piece of universal human advice for any relation, be it buyer-agents relationships or any other type. When a meeting is called for, arrive at the meeting venue early. If you would be running late, call the agent to inform him/her that you'll be coming late. Respect their time as time is precious to everyone.

3. Listen to your agent: 

The agent's job is to help you get the best deal possible, based on your requirements and money. When an agent suggests that you go for an open house, please don't give excuses for why you can't or won't go.

To put this into a property perspective, these are the vital services buyer’s agents render:

  • Assist you in finding a home in your price range

  • Give you adequate information about the neighborhood 

  • Carry out a comparative market analysis to determine if the price of a given property is similar to other properties that had been sold in the area

  • Help you complete the buying agreement with the seller

  • Negotiate on your behalf

  • Give you advice when negotiating with the seller to reach a roadblock. Or calm you down, proffer solution when the unexpected happens.

4. Don't be greedy; pay the agent his commission: 

There are no agents in the world who want to work for free. Many buying agents get paid from the agreed commission from purchasing a property. Pay the agent the fee agreed upon, don't ask for a discount.

5. Make that call: 

It is commonplace for buyers to send emails when they have difficulties or need advice from an agent. But no. As much as it's a professional relationship, it is a human one. Be social. Pick up the phone and call your agent. It helps to build trust, and it shows you respect them as persons and not just as agents to be 'used.'  

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