Why Use Protein Powders?

You might wonder, why should one use protein powder to begin with? After all, there are various whole meals which are packed with protein. Here are a few reasons why using protein powders may be a comparatively better choice.


Imagine eating six chicken breasts per day or eight egg whites. Doesn’t the idea seem nauseating to you? Well, this is the kind of whole food you would have to consume daily if you wish to gain muscle mass in the conventional way.

With protein powders, you can achieve the same intake of protein with 2-3 protein shakes per day. Which of the two seems more convenient and less daunting to you? We bet it is the latter.

Fast Absorption

If you have ever observed the antics of those who worked out, you would notice that they drink protein shakes right after exercising. This is because protein powders have the tendency to get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and provide the body with the amount of protein required to convert into lean muscle and replace any muscles that may have undergone wear and tear.

Whole food does not get absorbed as fast as protein powders and are not as effective in replacing and building muscles.

Better Digestion

The more time it takes for any food to be digested, the more likely it is to be converted into fat and cause an increase in weight. Not only are protein powder and shakes absorbed quickly by the body, but they are also digested at a fast rate. This barely gives the body time to convert excess nutrients into fat.

In this regard, protein powders guarantee that your weight will not increase. When you add the fact that the product can aid in weight loss as well, you are bound to find protein powders and shakes to be an excellent tool for your weight loss journey.

Constant Supply of Amino Acids

There are two types of proteins. One provides a constant supply of amino acids for a long time, whereas the other delivers a sudden boost of protein. While both have their merits, the former is much more beneficial in building muscles, weight loss blog by and overall wellness.

Most protein powders are equipped with sources that offer a constant supply of amino acids by staying in the body for a considerable amount of time and releasing the nutrients slowly.