How to care for your skin

How to care for your skin

Skin care starts with a healthy lifestyle. You can do a lot to prevent premature aging of the skin: take care of a well-balanced diet, sleep enough, do not smoke, drink a little alcohol AlcoholismWhen enjoyment becomes a compulsion, consistently protect yourself from the sun.

Other environmental influences such as wind, cold or dry heating air are exposed to our skin every day. To a certain extent, the skin protects itself thanks to the natural acid mantle itself. For many people, however, this protection is out of balance: for example, chemical components of cosmetics can attack the protective mantle. The wrong care or too frequent washing burden the skin. Every washing process not only cleanses dirt and sweat, it also removes moisture and fat from the skin. The skin often reacts with redness, cracks or itching. The right care products like Deep cosmetics can help to restore the barrier function of the skin. The addition of moisture also prevents the skin from drying out and becoming even more irritating.

Price says nothing about quality of creams

The range of skincare products is almost unmanageable: For every skin type and every skin problem, there are now special products to whose effect advertising makes a wealth of more or less fantastic promises. Especially the men were discovered a few years ago as consumers of skin creams. Accordingly, there is now also a wide range of various ointments, creams and lotions for the usually more robust men's skin. However, it is mainly the women who tend to burden their skin with excessive or improper care and cosmetics. The frequent result of this too intensive care: allergies or rashes skin diseasesitch ifs. Dermatologists refer to this type of disease as perioral dermatitis. The reason for this can be, for example, an incompatibility of preservatives or fragrances. The wrong skin care can also upset the microflora of the skin. A significant improvement often only occurs when switching to products with a skin-like pH. In addition, the quality of a nourishing cream does not depend on its price in any way: As various tests of consumer magazines have repeatedly revealed in the past, the cheaper creams are often just as good as the sinfully expensive luxury products! If you really want to do something good for your skin on a regular basis, make sure that you always use the appropriate cleansing and care products like Дийп козметикс for your skin type.

Tips on skincare products

  • Ointments contain only a little water and are suitable for greasing the skin.
  • Creams are mixtures of water and oil. Night creams are slightly thicker and fatty (water-in-oil emulsions). Day creams are more milky, moisturizing and easier to distribute on the skin (oil-in-water emulsions).
  • Lotions (solutions) consist of substances that have been dissolved in water or alcohol. They cool the skin.
  • Peels (scrub cream with tiny abrasive particles) help to remove the top, dead skin cells and make the skin look fresher.
  • Masks are allowed to act for a few minutes. For dry and sensitive skin, a mask adds moisture. With greasy skin and combination skin a cleaning mask counteracts impurities.

Body care: Showering and bathing properly

Water causes the horny layer of the skin to swell up. When soap simultaneously attacks the acid mantle, the skin can no longer protect itself against germs and chemical substances. With the right body care you protect your skin.

  • Shower at most once a day. Do not put the water too hot when showering or bathing.
  • Showering with a skin-friendly shower gel is gentler than bathing.
  • Sometimes cat washing is enough: the skin thanks you for not bathing or taking a shower once a day.
  • Mild and pH-neutral shower gels are more gentle to the skin.
  • Being stingy with soap or syndet: soap briefly, then wash with plenty of water.
  • Long baths or very hot water will dry out the skin.
  • Do not scrub the skin afterwards. Especially after oil baths, the skin may only be gently dabbed dry.
  • After showering or bathing, dry skin should be relubricated: preferably with a rich water-in-oil emulsion, body moisturizer, or body oil. The oil is best absorbed when the skin is still moist.