Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas

We bring to your attention ideas for stories on Instagram for different types of accounts. Due to its specificity, Stories need to be published more often, so some account owners do not know what to add to the feed. Instagram Stories is a great alternative to standard posts. Also you can to use snoopreport if you want to know how to see someones like history on instagram. Disappearing publications increase user engagement and foster trust. Interactive stories, in addition, allow you to insert a direct link - this opens up new horizons for advertising and the creation of original informational posts.

Ideas for Instagram Stories

In the selection you will find interesting formats for personal pages and commercial profiles. The number of formats for stories is hundreds, it all depends on your capabilities and creativity.First, let's look at ideas for bloggers and professionals.

Your day in 15 seconds

Talk about events can not only be broadcast. Take interesting moments from life, and then mount them in one video. Choose music that accentuates the mood of the video. Please note: in one stories, you can upload a video for no more than 15 seconds. But you can increase the playback speed to accommodate more content.

Help in choosing

Create a survey in story , asking readers to choose one of the proposed options. For example, they can help you in choosing a haircut, sofa, dress.

Before and after

Stories will be exciting if they show the results of work or actions of any product in the format "before and after". In the first shot, demonstrate how it was at the beginning, in the second - what has changed. Also insta followers tracker can helps when you working in instagram. To increase confidence, the last photo can be supplemented with a link to the customer’s page. Tell us about your new blog post. With active blogging, do not forget to share announcements of new articles in the stories. This will help you attract more readers. Master Class. Stories are ideal for creating step-by-step instructions, such as recipes. At the same time, try not to overload the slide with information. Make suggestions unfinished to motivate your audience to read further. Video. You can cut a long video into fragments or make a 15-second video. Most users watch stories without sound, so it makes sense to add captions. Hobbies. Tell us about your unusual experience that changed your worldview. To form a positive opinion about you will help review the book you have read. In addition, this will tell the audience the direction of your thoughts. Contests. In Instagram Stories, you can announce the launch of the contest and determine the winner. Demonstrate how the winner went, congratulate him. Story series. Assign a hero to your Stories and make a mini-series with him. Such a character can be your pet or even a banana, a cactus, a painted hero. Interesting people. Tell us about your successful acquaintances with whom you studied or collaborated. You can conduct small interviews with experts from any industry. Show details. Write about the composition of cosmetics, the ingredients of the dish, how a portable speaker is made from the inside. Congratulation. The holiday can be anything: personal, official, folk or comic. Interactive. Ask the followers to perform a certain action: tell a story, come up with an inscription to the picture, finish the image. The best performers should be rewarded with rewards.