Tips for choosing professional cleaning equipment

Scrubber driers: tips for choosing professional cleaning equipment

A floor washer is indispensable for cleaning large areas. A cleaning lady armed with a mop will also cope with a small room, but shopping centers, hospitals, supermarkets, airports and other large facilities need a more technological solution. How to choose floor cleaner, what models the market offers and what to pay special attention to? 

Types of floor cleaning machines

Scrubber washing machine belongs to professional cleaning equipment, it is designed for wet cleaning of floor coverings. After read that article about what is the best tile floor cleaner machine such machines consist of two tanks - for clean and dirty water, rotating brushes and a pump. Water with detergent is supplied to the brushes that clean the floor, and dirty water is absorbed by the turbine into a separate container. This is an extremely simplified description. However, deciding to purchase and reading the descriptions of models on the website of any store of professional cleaning equipment, the future owner of the floor-washing machine asks a lot of questions:

  • Management: manual or with a place for the operator? The cleaner pushes the manual machine in front of him like a trolley. Such models are compact and convenient for narrow rooms - for example, corridors. Massive cleaning equipment, which provides a place for the operator, is controlled like a small machine - with the help of a steering wheel and pedals. Such machines are productive and save the strength of the cleaners, but rather cumbersome.
  • Power: battery or mains? Scrubber driers with batteries can work where there are no outlets, and besides, wires that can interfere with people do not stretch behind it. But such units are more expensive than network ones, and their operation time is strictly limited (on average from 2 to 8 hours). But the network can work as long as you like and the price they have is quite affordable. But you will need sockets - and it is undesirable to use extension cords, power surges can adversely affect the operation of the machine. In addition, such models are not suitable for objects with high pedestrian traffic, as a cable interfering underfoot may cause a fall and injury.

Important! Accumulators of a floor cleaner charge quite a long time - from 8 hours. Therefore, for rooms where cleaning should be carried out constantly and around the clock, at least two pieces of equipment may be required.

  • Brushes: cylindrical or disk? Cylindrical brushes are suitable for uneven, structured surfaces, tiles and mosaics (they can remove dirt from the joints between tiles). For smooth surfaces, such as seamless poured floors, concrete, linoleum, etc., a disk scrubber is best.

Allocate a budget

Keep in mind that on average floor cleaners with cylindrical brushes are more expensive than machines with disk, and machines with a place for the operator - more expensive than manual ones. On average, the cost of professional-quality manual disk machines powered by a network starts at about 2000$ thousand bucks. When buying a machine, consider the cost of maintenance, as well as the cost of replacement brushes. When buying a machine, do not forget that it will require service and repair. The more famous the brand, the more representative offices and service centers it has, the less you will have problems with this. Find out where the nearest center is, how quickly its employees will be able to write out the necessary details and eliminate the breakdown. Experts advise immediately to purchase some consumables - for example, replacement brushes and scrapers for collecting dirty water. Many manufacturers of floor cleaning machines also produce special detergents for professional cleaning. But, since it is not always possible to buy a product of a certain brand, find out in advance whether the use of chemistry from another manufacturer is possible.