Web Scraping for Marketing Agencies

Web Scraping for Marketing Agencies

The world of business is flowing with large amounts of data, charts, analyses, and so on. To be successful in any field, one must have extensive knowledge of it. This means to consume and process data properly to use it.

In the business world, marketing is a field that helps to promote your product. And make the necessary decisions to take paths that can help You rise as a professional. With a lot of information available, there has to be a more reasonable way to encompass it all. So it is nicely made for the company as a whole to understand and use it to its advantage.

A Modern Shovel for Digging

There are a lot of tools that are used to show metrics of the data that is obtained. But, which of these are the most effective? That is a question for each of us individually to answer. People are unique, and thus, the way how we work and perceive information is also unique. Some might perform better by using cold e-mails or making up a marketing campaign that invites the customers to Your business. It all depends on the person, resources available, and the necessity for the business.

There is another tool that has been on the verge of the horizon for a while. People have just started practicing using it more frequently – web scraping.

Now, to someone with no knowledge of the term, it might look confusing. In simple words, web scraping means scraping the web for useful information. It is a tool that employs various software to notice, get, and format all kinds of information found on the Internet.

The tool depends based on what type of information is needed. The filter is input, and the web scraper does its thing. If You did the same thing manually, by copy-pasting websites from their information, it would be a mess. As the information, that way is in the clutter with all sorts of unnecessary stuff. Web scraping technique does the formatting for You, so the package is in a user-friendly fashion for You and Your businesses to use.

Generate Buyer’s Personas With a Touch of a Button

One of the most crucial things to do in a marketing environment is to generate potential buyers’ personas. This means to design the best way to provide a product to the consumer. One must have some understanding of who will buy the product.

A lot of marketing specialists go through a phase of research when they have to read a lot of reports related to the market of product that is similar. And to collaborate with the sales team to know what are the potential leads which would gain them at least an approximate description of the buyer. Such a strategy can be time-consuming, but it can lead to great results when it comes to the success of your business. If nobody is going to buy your product or services, then how are You going to succeed?

There are more and more people to use web scraping for their advantage when it comes to creating sales and marketing tactics. One can use web scraping to gather all the information about the people that already use similar products and services. This works in a way that the data is collected from various sources, which can be cross-referenced later on to gain a more viable analysis of the market.

For example, a company that provides hotel accommodation to guests in Japan. By using a web scraper, the company can learn what type of people are coming to the country and require hotel services for a specific time. This lets the company adjust the supply and costs required to provide this service. Think of it as balancing out the supply versus the demand. To be on top of the list, You have to know what the people want.

Data Gathering

Before the Internet, to gather data, one had to go a lengthy way to collect papers, folders filled with words and numbers. It took many days, weeks even, to gather a fraction of data that can be done within minutes today. With technology advancing, so does the tools.

Web scraping uses software for means of data gathering. If You can describe what type of data it is and where it has to come from, then it is possible to scrape it off the web. There are, of course, certain limitations. Web scraping is not a specter that can go through walls unnoticed. A lot of websites have set their rules in their Terms of Service (ToS) pages. These pages show whether they allow or disallow the use of web scraping on their websites for gathering information.

ToS is one of the three most common factors when it comes to knowing whether the action You are doing with web scraping is allowed or not. Another of such factors is a file called robots.txt. The file shows the number of requests for information to be gathered by bots to be allowed. As well as the time allowed on a specific site for the bots to work on. Think of it as strict guidelines to which You should adhere. It is not a must, but one is highly considered to do so.

Legal web scraping” is a hot topic, one should practice ethical actions when it comes to taking information from a website You do not own. You would not want to have Your business associated with being shady and something that cannot be trusted, right?


To sum up, there are a couple of things You should remember should You use web scraping for Your benefit:

  • Web scraping in marketing can be used to gain the upper hand with data collected quickly and presented in a readable format.


  • Adhere to regulations and Terms of Services of the pages You want to use web scraping on.


  • If the information required can be described and located, then it is possible to scrape.


  • Use common sense on the things You are doing, and if unsure, then ask someone who specializes in the field.